Visiting Chetwynd, British Columbia is actually not a bad idea. There are lots of fun things that you and your family or friends can do and different activities that can partake. It is a place which is very close to nature and I am sure lots of people would not regret visiting the town. Some admit that they are going back after visiting Chetwynd, which is really heart-warming.

Chetwynd offers extreme activities like hiking, mountain climbing and biking. The town is just in the foothill of the mountain so it is really a great destination for nature loving and extreme loving tourist. There would be many activities perform and you would definitely not get bored for coming.
You can do fishing, park camping and even snobowling during winter. , is pack with different activities and events. You can choose from different outdoor activities, water activities, winter activities, or visit parks and wildlife. You can even check their festivals as they held it often times. If you are not feeling well to do this kind of stuff and just wanted to take a break, then the town will not disappoint you. They have several cafes and restaurants that is suited to your taste.

Summer Activities
Visit one of Chetwynd’s two neighborhood fairways. Appreciate a nine-gap riverside golf involvement with the Natural Springs Golf Course alongside the Sukunka River. Challenge the bumpy landscape along the slants of Moberly Lake at the nine-gap Moberly Lake and District Golf Course. Both greens offer gear rentals.
You will test your climbing abilities along various created courses at Hassler Crag, a climbing bluff found 20km/12mi south of Chetwynd on Highway 97, opposite Houde 56 Rd. Make a point to look at perspectives of the valley and farming grounds from the top.
Horseback riding is an incredible movement for backwoods trails, or stick to Pine Valley Exhibition Park, the nearby indoor riding field. Various courses close Chetwynd that head through the valley and into the mountains permit ATV riding.
Winter Activities
Appreciate cross-country skiing along the many trails in Chetwynd, which are utilized for mountain biking and climbing in the late spring. The as of late redesigned entertainment focus offers an assortment of winter exercises including ice-skating, hockey, twisting, and indoor swimming at the wave pool.
Downhill skiing is additionally found at adjacent Powder King Mountain Resort in Pine Pass, 110km/68mi from town. Sledders can handle the Hasler Snowmobile Trail Network or the Silver Sands Snowmobile Trail Network.
Bird Watching
There are a couple of decision areas to appreciate birdwatching close Chetwynd. Go out for a stroll through the group backwoods to hear and get a look at warblers, or drive out along Jackfish Lake Road amid the spring to see a large number of water winged creatures that arrive on Big Lake amid movement.
Natural life Viewing
Roadway driving is one of the most ideal approaches to see the territory’s changed natural life. Look for untamed life, for example, moose and wild bears in Pine Pass, and also deer, elk, mountain bears, and wolverines. Both huge and little warm blooded animals normally rise close parkways at sunset and sunrise.
Driving Routes
Investigate Chetwynd’s Peace River Valley winged animal and untamed life seeing, and brilliant open air enterprise openings along two assorted driving courses: the Alaska Highway and the Great Northern Circle Route.